Official Rules and Regulations

Seabury Hall Project Graduation 2022 Golf Ball Drop

1 To Enter: For a minimum donation of $25* for 1 white ball, 5 white ball package for $100, or 1 limited “golden” ball for $100, a person, age 18 or older, will be entered in the Seabury Hall Project Graduation 2022 Golf Ball Drop to take place Sunday, April 3, 2022 from 11am – 12:30pm. Parking is available at Mākena Maluaka South Public Beach Access. Participants may enter more than once. Participants will be assigned a single or multiple numbered golf balls for each corresponding donation made. A Corporate Package of 100 white golf balls is also offered for $2,250.

2 The Drop: All purchased numbered golf balls will be placed randomly into a container and dropped from a helicopter from a height of approximately 150 feet onto the assigned target. The participant whose ball (either white or gold) land closest to the pin will be declared the winner of a designated prize and the participant whose ball (white or gold) is the furthest from the pin will also win a designated prize as outlined below.

3 Rules: The participant whose ball lands closest to the pin will be the winner of a designated prize as determined by the independent judges. The winner is determined by the measurement of the golf balls from the pin, and if the judges determine that there is a tie among the balls, then the winner of a coin toss will determine the winner. The location closest to the pin of at least four balls will be taken in case there is any question of eligibility, or a winner does not claim the prize.

4 Prizes: The gold ball closest to the pin will win a 2-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The white ball closest to the pin will win a 2-night stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui, HI. The gold ball furthest from the pin will win a dinner for 2 at Mama’s Fish House in Maui, HI. The white ball furthest from the pin will win a dinner for 4 at Humble Market Kitchen at the Wailea Beach Resort. Consolation prizes will be awarded for balls next nearest the pin (2nd closest, 3rd closest, etc.). The number of prizes awarded will be based on the amount of prize donations received for the event.

5 Announcement of Prize Winner: The winner need not be present to win. The winner will be announced at the close of the Seabury Hall Project Graduation 2022 Golf Ball Drop event. If not present, the winners will be contacted immediately following the Seabury Hall Project Graduation 2022 Golf Ball Drop by using the contact information given upon purchase of their ball or balls. If the winners cannot be located or fail to claim the prize within a week (7 days) after notification, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the next winner in line as specified in the rules above.

6 Alternative Process: If some unforeseen event prevents the Seabury Hall Project Graduation Golf Ball Drop from happening as outlined above, then the winners will be determined by the following alternative process: Within a week of the scheduled event, all purchased golf balls will be placed into a container and an independent judge selected by the organizers will draw the winners. First and second ball #s drawn will be treated as gold ball winners and the third and fourth balls drawn will be considered white ball winners. Subsequent balls drawn will be awarded the remaining prizes in succession.

7 Purchasing Balls: Golf Ball Drop balls (up to 2,000) will be available for sale at Suggested donations* for each ball are: $25 for 1 white ball, $100 for a package of 5 white balls, $100 for 1 gold ball and $2,250 Corporate Package of 100 white golf balls. All donations are non-refundable and non-tax deductible.

8 Tracking Sales: SH Project Graduation, Inc. shall be responsible for maintaining the list of balls sold and the name, phone number and email address of the purchaser of each ball and have that list available for auditing and inspection by the Board of SH Project Graduation, Inc. to insure the openness and integrity of the Golf Ball Drop.

9 Eligible Participants: Participants must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a ball and win a prize. All officers and members of SH Project Graduation, Inc. are eligible to purchase tickets and to win the prize, however the independent judges who will decide the winners of the Golf Ball Drop are ineligible to win. Verification of eligibility and identity may be required before releasing the prize.

10 Miscellaneous:

a. Odds of winning depend on the number of valid entries (up to 2,000) received by the deadline set forth above.
b. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply
c. All federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the individual winner.
d. The funds raised at this event will be used to support the Seabury Hall Class of 2022 Project Graduation. SH Project Graduation, Inc. is not-for-profit organization that is tax exempt under the IRC Section 501(c)(3).
e. Decisions by the Golf Ball Drop judges on all aspects are binding and final.
f. Prizes will not be awarded, and will be forfeited, if the winning ball was issued in exchange for a donation by check returned for “insufficient funds” or by a credit card deemed “declined”, “invalid”, or “stolen”.
g. The SH Project Graduation, Inc. committee may amend these rules as appropriate to ensure the fairness and original intent of the event.

11 Release of Liability: By participating, each participant releases, discharges, indemnifies, and holds harmless SH Project Graduation, Inc., Mākena Golf and Beach Club, their parent, subsidiary, successor and affiliated companies/organizations, and their respective officers, directors, volunteers, employees, agents and representatives and promotional (collectively the “Releases”) from any and all liability, loss, harm, injury, damage, cost and expense whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the receipt of the prize or participation in the event.

*Suggested minimum donation, no contribution or donation is required to participate…but brah, that’s just pilau.

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